Thursday, August 20, 2009


I could have waited until Monday, but these questions were on my mind NOW. And who knows if I'll have a mind come Monday. Ha!

Question 1:
What last minute things did you do (or what would you do) to prepare yourself/your house for a baby?

Question 2:
And only because I heard this about 10 times tonight at Meet The Teacher... Are you someone that wants to be contacted when we go to deliver the babies or just after? You know, a call list or something of that nature. I'm starting to consider how we'll get the info out when the time comes. Of course, we'll contact family first... I had a friend that updated her blog (or someone did it for her) during the delivery of her child. It was pretty cool. So, if you want to be contacted, will you let me know (leave a comment or email)?

Question 3:
What other questions should I ask?


Anonymous said...

Would love updates during the delivery process!!!! That way I know how to pray!


Jana said...

I would love updates! Travis took his laptop up to the hospital (they have free wi-fi) so he was able to update the blog as things were happening. Of course, he would be right by my side as soon as a contraction started, but he was able to update whenever anything changed. It was great to be able to hear the comments that people made on his updates. I was so amazed by how many people kept up with it for that long! :)

The last minute stuff we did wasn't much. We set up a pack n' play in the living room so that I had a quick place to lay Jayden and answer the door, etc. Then we just made sure to spend a lot of time together! I also did a lot of decorating and home improvement things I knew I wouldn't have the time for in the next several months.

You are already asking all the right questions! :) Just let your mind wander into motherhood and all the necessary questions will come!

Julia said...

I agree with Jana, get things set up for when you get home. You will be on bed rest, so decide if you want to rest on the couch or in your bed and get a spot set up with daipers, wipes, pack 'n play, whatever, and have your stand next to you, books, magazines, what ever you want to occupy you, but you probably won't be doing anything but sleeping, eating, feeding the babies, and changing them for the first couple of months anyway.
I want to be at the hospital if at all possible. But, if that isn't feesible calling is okay.

Julia said...

Oh, and stock up on heavy duty feminine hygene products. (Gross thought, but you should be warned.)

Diane said...

My brother used his phone to update on Facebook...that was nice for those of us who couldn't be there. The pics were much appreciated.