Wednesday, August 5, 2009

30 Weeks (and 2 days)

So, here I am, 30 weeks, 2 days, 2 babies, and it looks like a torpedo is trying to make its way through my belly! I am still feeling really good. Pregnant women with twins are supposed to gain about 40 pounds (according to the books I have read) and I'm well on my way. Are you ready for this? I have gained 32 pounds in 30 weeks!! Oh my! That extra weight sure makes it harder to turn over at night.
I went to another of my bi-weekly appointments at 29 weeks with my regular doc. During the ultrasound for heart tones, I asked the tech when I should expect to do a glucose test. I had read that these are usually given about 28 weeks, and nobody at the Dr. office had mentioned doing one. She asked someone, then I got a call the same day to set a time up for my 1-hour glucose test. Gee, I wonder what prompted them to call? :-) I did not get any instructions from the doc's office except to be there at 8:30. I wondered if I needed to fast or do any other things to prepare, so I just researched it online. Apparently, some places require fasting after midnight and some don't. I fasted.
I failed the 1-hour test. A nurse called and very briefly told me that my numbers were "a little high" and that "you will need to do a 3-hour test. Oh, and I'm calling in a prescription for you." Me: "Wait! What is the prescription for?" She had to ask, then reported that it's because I'm anemic. End of conversation.
I figured out that I guess I needed to call back to see when I could come in for the 3-hour test. So, I called back, scheduled to come in the next morning, I asked if I should fast and she said yes. End of conversation.
I went in the next morning, they drew blood first this time, I drink 100mg of the glucose drink, turned it in at 9:00. I had asked the receptionist if I needed to camp out in the waiting room for all 3 hours and she said that I could "come & go". Great! I mentioned to the girl that drew my blood that I was glad that I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for 3 hours and she said, "yeah, as long as you're back about 10-15 minutes before your next blood draw." Cool. No problem. I headed out and another lady says, "So you'll be back about 10:00." Me: "No. I'm a 3-hour." Her: "Oh, okay."
I went to Mom & Dad's to lay down since the glucose made me feel very woosy with a little unsettled stomach and a headache. About 1 hour and 15 minutes later, my cell rings and the Dr.'s office tells me that I'm 10 minutes late for my first blood draw. What!? But I'm a 3-hour! "Yes, but we draw your blood each hour for 3 hours." Ends up this test is void and I have to do it again. The lady said that she could tell that I didn't understand that I needed to be back in 1 hour for the first blood draw when I was leaving the office, but she "didn't want to get involved."
Well, I really wish that lady would have gotten involved. NOBODY at the doctor's office told me the procedure the the 3-hour test. I thought I would go back in 3 hours. How should I know? I am not a medical professional and I should not be expected to know what to do on a procedure I have never done before. I told them that I realize these things are routine for them, but I've never been pregnant before, never had glucose tests before, and as a patient, I should be informed by the medical staff about things like this. The world had a very MAD pregnant, hungry Natalie that day.
I went back in this Monday and re-did the 3-hour. Don't know the results yet.
So very sorry about that rant.

I made a valance for the boys' room. I have found that I kind of like having projects and am not too bad at sewing straight lines. After I made the valance, I decided to make some jazzed-up burp cloths. Apparently these are the "in" thing, especially if they are monogrammed or have ribbon, etc. I don't have many burp cloths and I don't think I can have too many. Anyway, it was fun to do and now my babies can burp, spit up and drool in style. :-)

Click picture to enlarge (then arrow back to return to blog). I'm sorry about my overuse of collages, but they are so much easier to upload. You can click on any of them to make them bigger.

We have had a very busy summer week around here. Todd has been doing a photography class at church for Art Camp in the mornings this week. He has really enjoyed it. He is printing some of the pictures that will be on display at the "Art Show" at the end of the week, and the outcome is just amazing. He has taught the kids some cool skills and their pictures are great!
K1 & K2 are visiting their Mamaw & Timpa for the week. We got lucky enough to have them over one night and they spent most of the next day with us. We got donuts, went swimming, ate out and went grocery shopping. It was a full, fun day. I just wish I could spend more time with these sweeties. They were so thoughtful and aware to help! There were times that K1 would take something out of my hands to help me so that I would have to carry anything. I am so impressed with these girls and how very nice, polite, and considerate they are. Their mommy & daddy have done so good.

Tuesday was Todd's birthday!! He's caught up with me for the time being - 28!! Mom very generously offered to have a celebration at her house with Todd's favorite meal: pizza. Oh, and he got ice cream cake from Culver's. We invited some nearby family over and just had a great time together. Todd reported that this was the best birthday ever!

My next doctors appointments are tomorrow with the reg. doc. and Friday with the specialist. The babies should be about 3 pounds each. I don't know if I have written this before, but my goal is to carry the babies to at least 37 weeks, but most twin pregnancies deliver around 33 weeks (according to what I've read in various places). My next 3 weeks are going to get pretty demanding. I plan to talk to my doctors about setting up my classroom (starting Monday), staff development, and starting school. I don't know what will come of it, but I do know that my specialist has really been appreciative of the fact that I have been able to take it easy over the summer. I know they will want me to be very careful as the risk of preterm labor is ever increasing.

If you haven't read the previous blog about Dad and you don't know his latest health news, please go read that. We are so thankful for your prayers on his behalf as we are expecting a miracle!


Julia said...

I am so glad that you have been feeling so well! It looks like Todd had a wonderful birthday! I really wish that we could have been there to celebrate with him. I hate missing these kind of things. I wish we could be with you guys for birthdays and holidays. I really miss being a part of my brother's life and yours as well! Being so far apart makes it difficult. I am very happy to be in your life and I literally can NOT wait to meet my nephews! I just want to hug to kiss those little guys.

Natalie said...

Yes, unfortunately distance is the enemy for us. Luckily, though, I think the blogs we do help us feel a little more connected. It's all part of life. I am grateful that you and your mom are interested in what's going on with us & vice versa. We wish you were closer for events like birthdays & holidays as well. I know how you feel... My sister and her family are too far away for my liking, also.
Take care!

Amanda & Robby Green said...

I had to take the 3 hr test too...i barely failed the first glucose test and passed the 3 hr. I ate something sweet for breakfast that morning before the first test and forgot it would affect the results. haha.

I hope your test goes well, its hard, i can def. sympathize with you. Good luck with the next test!