Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dad has a Date

It seems that when you want to get into one of the best cancer centers in the world, there is some waiting that must be done. Apparently many people want the best cancer treatment. :-) Luckily, dad was finally called (thanks in part to some "connections") and has set the closest date available, August 28th, for his first consultation with his new doctor at MD Anderson. We don't expect that any treatments will start that day, but at least he's "in" now.

In the mean time, Dad has been staying busy working on my brother, Steven's VW while Steven is in town. He has also had many friends stopping over for visits, which Dad loves. Dad is so blessed to have many friends from many facets of his life. Even before his diagnosis, Dad has always had people coming & going from the house. It's a cool thing.

I know so many of you are keeping Dad in your prayers, which we cannot thank you enough for. Another note for today: Today is Dad's mom, my Grandma's one-year anniversary of her passing. Many have been in thought of her and remembering the impact she had on our lives today. She and Grandpa are missed everyday.

On a much less important note, I'm not sure if anyone cares or noticed that I completely missed my 31 week blog. Oh well, I will just have to forgive myself. Week 32 will be up Monday... hopefully... after our first day back for teacher in-services.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nat, for the update. Cary had checked her phone earlier today and didn't have a message yet. Sorry for the way the connections came to pass, but thankful that they are there!! We're so thankful for the way you are hanging in there! Those boys just keep on "cooking"! :>) MS

Anonymous said...

I noticed! Great post and so true. Get your feet up! Cary

Natalie said...

You would be proud... I took a 2-hour nap in my recliner today! Feeling pretty good. Now, you go put your feet up! Ha!
Love you!