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Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Anniversary, and then...

Yesterday was mine and Todd's 4th anniversary! We had a good day. It's hard to believe that 4 years can seem to pass so quickly, but neither of us can remember when we weren't together. Some people post really long stories and sentiments about their relationships on their anniversary, but I'll spare you. We saw "Evan Almighty" at the Movie Tavern last night. It was actually pretty good and very clean, which we both appreciated. It actually had a moral! How 'bout that?! We got home around 9:00 thinking that we would have a normal evening and go to sleep, but oh were we wrong! Can you guess what is coming? Yes, it has to do with Rollei, but what is it?! We let him outside to go potty and play with bugs. We didn't intend for him to play with reptiles, but he did. Sure enough, he tapped on the door to come in, went straight to his bed, sat up really straight and had his eyes closed. I immediately knew he had been bitten. Todd insisted on finding the snake so that we knew what kind it was (I think he was more after some revenge for hurting his dog) before we rushed to the emergency vet. He couldn't find it, so we were off. There is a picture of him "normal" at the top (This is the second time I have written this because I can't get the pictures to post where I want them). And another picture of him a hour and a small fortune later. (Okay, well that didn't post where I wanted it either... sorry, but I'm frustrated at this point and it will just have to stay) Poor thing was miserable and in so much pain. We didn't give him a pain injection because it cost too much. Instead we got pain pills and tried to give them to him when we came home. He yelped at me twice when I tried to put it in his mouth, so I gave up. We put him in his bed on the floor next to ours for him to sleep. About 12:30, Todd woke me and said, "look who joined us!" He has mustered up the energy to jump on the bed and lie between us (which is terribly uncomfortable for us). I put his bed on our bed, but at the end where he wasn't between us, but he kept moving and laying up against Todd. Around 2:00, I got the brilliant idea of giving his pain medicine to him in apple sauce (thanks, Mom, for doing that to me when I was little). That went well, and he has been acting much better ever since. His swelling is down today. Actually, it is "draining" down his neck, so he looks like a very old woman with a saggy neck. Poor thing! We have been through this once before, and we're told that is will continue to happen because of his inquisitive breed. You would think that he would learn! I guess there might be something we could learn, too. :-)

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