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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Now that school is over and the chaos is done, I should be glad to take time and just relax. That was the plan; to have no plans and just do as I pleased. Oh, but how easily I have become bored. I won't be bored for long... My mom and dad went to pick up my nieces, and they will be in town visiting for almost 2 weeks. I'm sure I will not have much time for boredom while they are here. I imagine that there will be visits to the pool along with many other excursions that happen.

Todd is attending a photography workshop several days this week. I have some bookshelves that I am interested in making for my classroom, depending on the price of lumber. I don't want to spend a small fortune on this little project. I still have tons of reading to do for my Master Reading Teacher course, but I have become a pro at putting that off. I'm not much of a reader, but especially don't like to read books without a plot.

Todd and I went through a Financial Peace University seminar this past winter quarter at church. It was really good and has changed the way we use our money drastically. If you are ever have the opportunity to take this course, I strongly encourage you to do so. It is a video series by Dave Ramsey. I mention this because you may notice in my posts how "frugal" I am.

I have one little errand to run today before things get busy with the girls, so I will stop here. I wanted to include a picture in this post. What can I say? I teach Kindergarten, and I like pictures with words, although this picture has nothing to do with the words of this post. Oh well... This is my mom, dad, and me at my dad's retirement party in December.


Jim said...

Hey, Nat. The blog looks good. Hope my comment makes you feel "special"!

Owens Home said...

Howdy Nat!
Very good..I expect you to update it more than every 3 months. I may set the girls computer up as a server and set-up our own blog and webpages.
Take care of my girls!