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Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun with the "Gurls"

Never a dull moment at this house with the kiddos here. Teresa, my sweet friend that I teach with, was brave enough to come for a visit this afternoon. She was still smiling when she left. Dad gave her the grand tour of his VW palace :-). The girls kept her every entertained with lots of laughing. And, she was lucky enough to leave with a bag of fresh veggies from Mom's garden and a jar of home-made pickles.
Dad has been busy packing for his big trip to Europe -- he leaves tomorrow afternoon. Steven came in tonight and is also ready for the trip.
Todd has been addressing envelopes for the fliers he is sending out. Hopefully he will get some good business from this advertisement.
Not much more to report, so I'll quote Krista for my salutation -- "SEE YA!"


Julia said...

Wow! The girls sure have gotten big since I last saw them at your wedding (4 years ago). Incidently happy anniversary early or late. (If you can't tell I don't know the actual date, sorry.) We love you guys and hope to see you soon;) Julia

Lucille said...

Love the entertainment center - am proud for you. Enjoyed the whole thing!!