Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

About the Pumpkins:

The pumpkin patch we tried to go to (the same on as last year) was closed the Saturday before Halloween.  They had a sign up that said “Thanks!  See you next year”.  Too bad we missed it.  The next closest pumpkin patch was Old Mac Donald’s farm.  All it had was a bunch of picnic tables topped with small pumpkins.  Nothing worth the $8/per person to get in.  If Todd or I had any time before this Saturday to go, we would have. 

We quickly ran out of time on Saturday to acquire pumpkins, since I wanted to get to a baby shower early that afternoon.  Mom and I were riding together to the shower, so we had a little overlap at her house and took a few pictures by her cantaloupe vine and on her hammock. 


Sunday, we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get 4 pumpkins.  They were out.  We then ran to Kroger; they were out, too.  That’s all our town has, so our little quick trip out for pumpkins ended up taking the whole evening.  We finally found some at Randall’s.DSCF5350

I’m such a whimp… the texture of pumpkin guts grosses me out.  DSCF5353DSCF5363

This morning, right after breakfast, I let the boys paint their pumpkins.  I taped off the first letter of their names and they painted over the tape.  I think they enjoyed painting.  Logan tried to taste the paint.  Nathan liked mixing the colors.  I tried no not freak out over the mess. Winking smile  I think they turned out really neat.  I need to get some washable paint out for them to use soon.


About the Costumes:

I saw costumes for a cowboy and an Indian in passing one day and thought that would be appropriate for our guys.  Nathan as the cowboy.  Logan as the Indian.  When we went back to buy the costumes, I found that they were not offered in small sizes.  Again, since I’m always short on time, I decided to find something that would work while I was there.  We found airplanes that they both seemed to be excited about, so I bought 2.

When we got home, I let the guys zoom around in their costumes.  They LOVED it.  We talked about being pilots in the airplanes for Halloween.  When I asked Nathan what he was going to be for Halloween, he said “A rocket ship!!”  He had seen a rocket ship at the store.  It was a contender.  I tried to explain that he had chosen to be a pilot in the airplane, but he would have none of it.  He didn’t have a fit; he just kept saying that he wanted to be a rocket ship. 

We took another trip to Target to exchange Nathan’s airplane for a rocket ship.  How did I let him think he had a choice?  I think it’s kind of funny and cute that he has such an opinion, especially since he wasn’t ugly about it.IMGP1343IMGP1277

Trick or Treating!:

Last year we had trick-or-treaters come to our house really early, like 5:30.  I thought we would start a little early, too, so we left the house a little after 6:00.  Apparently that was too early this year.  We went to a few very familiar neighbors, played in the street with friends for a while, then came home to eat the roast that had been cooking all day.  The boys had a good time trick-or-treating.  They would say the occasional “Trick or treat!” and were very pronounced with their “Thank you!” every time.  It was very cute!IMGP1373

While we ate supper, every time someone knocked on the door, Nathan would loudly say, “Come in!”  I think they enjoyed the whole experience of trick-or-treating tonight.

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Amber said...

I love their painted pumpkins. Cute idea! I also like their choice of costumes :)