Saturday, October 29, 2011

So… The Peas

I’m pretty sure most everyone knows that any pea incident requiring the use of tweezers probably points to Nathan.  You’re right!

My sweet Nathan boy pushed peas up his nose during lunch the other day.  He thought he was being really cute.  I told him to take the peas out of his nose and that he did not need to do it again because it is not safe. 

He did it again.  Three peas.  I, again, told him to take them out.  He did, but one was stuck.  Tweezers – removal – no big deal.  “Don’t do it again, Nathan!  Peas do not belong in your nose.”

He did it again.  Two got stuck. Tweezers – removal – no big deal.  Threatened punishment if he chose to stick peas up his nose again.

This is where the story should end… But, no!

After lunch, they took a good nap, then when Nathan woke up, he pushed a good blow through his nose, and out popped a pea.  The kid slept with a pea up his nose! 

We haven’t had peas since.

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