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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Perfectly Wonderful Day at the Zoo

Tuesday was just completely perfect.  Aunt Pat and I had scheduled this trip to the zoo over a month ago, and I’m so glad we got to go!  The weather was completely beautiful, there were no big crowds, and the boys have become independent enough that it is not as much of a challenge to wrangle them (Especially with Pat’s help!). 

We got to feed the giraffes!DSCF5374

We rode the carousel, too!  I can’t say that everyone loved it, but I sure did!DSCF5383

I took the bar off their stroller and did not use the seatbelts while we were there.  This worked great because they would climb in the stroller between exhibits, then would jump out on their own when we arrived to the next animal.  It helps that they are pretty good at {usually} following directions.  Okay, Logan bolted a time or two…DSCF5406

We saw so many wonderful animals… Lions, tigers, bears {oh my!}, monkeys, giraffes, turtles, birds, goats

This cracks me up. L & N both climbed up to get a good look at the tiger, both are equally intrigued. Aunt Pat looks like she’s amazed, too.


L & N talked to each animal at every exhibit.  We sang animal songs {quietly} and the boys talked about what each animal was doing.  Logan would say each animal name over and over.  They were so excited.  DSCF5410DSCF5425DSCF5421DSCF5435

We ate lunch, saw some more animals, enjoyed a Dippin’ Dots treat, then rode the train around Herman Park.DSCF5442

We called it quits after 3:00, which is normally when Logan and Nathan start waking up from their nap.  The boys were just so good all day long, despite being way off schedule.  I am very proud of that.  Aunt Pat and I got a good workout pushing the stroller, and we all had a perfectly wonderful day at the zoo!!! SmileDSCF5449

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