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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Typical Day with my Twins

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post with our daily schedule.  I would just like to confess that I am not a morning person.  I generally do not get up before the boys wake up.  I pay for that choice, as you will see.
So, here’s a sample of a typical weekday with the boys along with many random photos…
8:00 – They wake up.  Breakfast: usually bananas, Cheerios, scrambled eggs, milk, sometimes wheat toast with a little jelly.
Bath and get dressed for them.
Play, read books, play (I try to do some chores, but usually spend most of my time interacting {and refereeing} with them).
11:30 – They watch Barney while I start their lunch.
12:00 – They eat lunch.  Spring 2011
Change diapers, rock them to settle for nap.
1:00 – 3:00 – NAP  This is when I get to eat my lunch, shower and dress, and maybe spend some time doing chores {very quietly!}, or spend some time on the computer.  Lately, though, Nathan has not gone down smoothly.  He will scream (and I mean really scream) for close to an hour before going down.  Also, Logan will not sleep past 2:00, no matter what time I put him down.  He will not rock back to sleep, either.  So, many days as of late, have been quite frustrating with literally no time for me to pull myself together during the day.  Nathan has been pulling the screaming thing at night, too.  After letting him have his tantrum without rescuing him for so long now, he’s finally going down more quickly and quietly as of yesterday.  There’s no improvement on Logan’s front, yet.
3:00 – Nap’s over.  Change diapers, and at Nathan’s adamant request of “Shoes! Outside!” upon opening his eyes, we go play in the backyard.  I’m so glad for the nice weather we’re having!DSCF4309
4:00 – Todd comes home, I breathe, and the boys have a snack.DSCF4375
Todd usually has tons of photography work to do throughout the evening, especially now that he is finishing up band jobs and has many senior bookings.  From 5:00-7:00 is survival.  The twins are usually pretty fussy in the evenings and it’s difficult manage them and try to prepare supper while Todd works.  DSCF4369
7:00 – Supper for all of us.
Play, Change to Pajamas
8:30 – Bed
So, that’s pretty much it.  Not complicated, but very busy with two active little boys. 
Some days I want to pull my hair out when they don’t nap, or they’re just irritated and cry a lot.  I have a hard time feeling like I can’t control a situation, but I have to remember that they are 18 months old!  I heard Michelle Dugger say that little kids are “in training”.  Fits and frustrations happen, but they are being trained to be well behaved.  Remembering that they are “in training” helps me want to approach these times with the gentleness and love they deserve.  I wouldn’t trade my time at home with these sweet guys for anything {even a bigger house!}.


Jan said...

How sweet, Natalie. Love the photos! Enjoy them...they will grow up quickly.

Lora said...

Oh, Natalie! That late afternoon/evening time is difficult with just one 18 month old, so I can only imagine having 2 of them! Levi's favorite thing to do while I'm trying to cook dinner is hold onto my legs and scream. :)

I love what you wrote about them being "in training"- what a good reminder!