Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretending Together

It’s commonplace for the boys to squirm their way into their closet when I’m trying to get them dressed in the morning.  They love playing in the closet, pulling down all of their folded sheets and towels, and climbing on boxes of wipes and diapers.  Usually it gets noisy pretty fast in there, since playing together quickly turns into pushing, grabbing objects from a brother, pulling, and screaming.  There is a lot of fussing between twins at this age.  If one opens a door, the other tries to close it – then they both yell.  One picks up a rock, the other tries to grab it away – yell.  One sits on Mommy’s lap to read, the other shoves and yells while trying to climb into my lap, too.  Yes, I think there must be more yelling with 2 18-month-olds than there would be with one.
Anyway, there they were playing in the closet, and the noise level was pleasant for an extended period of time (like 2 minutes!).  I peeked in to find that they were feeding each other something.  What could they have found to eat in the closet?!  Nathan is always chewing on something.  He’s really good at finding tiny pieces of leaves or stems and sucking on them.  I fish the foreign objects out of his mouth only to find him sucking on a new speck of something shortly after.  So, I thought that maybe he had gotten Logan on the ‘chew on junk we find on the floor’ game. 

I was wrong.  Nathan had found the cooler part of their bottle warmer and was pretending to pull food out of it and feed the food to his brother.  Logan was doing the same to Nathan in return.  Back and forth, they fed each other pretend food saying “yummm!”  I watched this go on thinking it was no big deal until I realized that I’m pretty sure they haven't actually pretended together before.  They were on the same page.  Then, at the tail-end of this 10-minute interaction, I finally realized that I should probably get this on video.
So, here is the end of them pretending to feed each other.  Feeding turns into blowing kisses…

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