Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Dad

We got a few pieces of good news on Dad recently. His last tests showed that the tumor in his lung is smaller. Also, the doctors are very pleased with the reduction of cancer cells (menengitis) in his spinal fluid. They are, again, reducing the frequency of chemotherapy that is put in the port under his scalp (Ommaya), to once every other week.

Dad had his most recent round of Chemo (IV and Ommaya) this past Thursday. Typically, these treatments slow him down significantly for about a day. This time, he has felt rather puny (my word) for about 3 days. He is feeling better today.

He does not have any treatments scheduled for next week, which I'm sure he's happy about! We are all very thankful for bits of good news from his doctors about his progress. Of course, we are also happy that Dad is not suffering horrible side effects from the treatments. He feels pretty good most of the time.

Thank you to everyone that asks about Dad and to so many that are praying for him and encouraging him. Please keep the prayers going for him and also for Mom.

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