Friday, June 11, 2010

Their Granddad

We invited Todd's dad over for supper tonight.
Todd grilled some hamburgers, and we had a great time just eatin', chattin', & chillin'.
Nathan & Logan loved being loved on by Granddad!!!
It's strange that we actually live rather close to their Granddad and Kay, but our lives are so busy that we rarely get together. So, seeing Granddad tonight was a real treat! :-)
And now a cute picture of Nathan from yesterday. He likes to take the edge off of their play mat and use it as a chewey, or in this case, a whip! Ha!
***Sorry about the red eye... I forgot to edit before uploading the pics.


Amber said...

Where did you get the short sleeved pajamas? I've been looking for some!

Natalie said...

We got them at Target at least a month ago. (I get pretty much everything from Target or the Carter's Outlet... easy!)

PaPaw said...

We enjoy so much reading your blog. The boys are just two darling little gentlemen. When I told my daughter Wanda that you and Todd were having two boys, she said GOOD the Kammerdiener men need some reinforcement. Enjoy the litte men. This is the easy time. When they get to be twelve or older you will realize how good a job you have done with the 12 years the Lord gave you to teach them something. Take time to enjoy the summer. It will be over before you know it.
Uncle Chockie