Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9 Months Old!

Here are the twins -- 9 months old! SLOW DOWN!!!

Here's what's going on with both of the boys this month:
  • They eat 3 meals and one snack a day.
  • They wear size 12 month clothes, but will need 18 month soon.
  • They wear size 3 diapers.
  • They are both on the move! Watch out, Rollei!
  • They love to pull up the edge of their play mat and chew on it or use it as a whip.
  • They are so much fun!!!

23 lb., 2 oz. - 80th percentile
30 in. long - 90th percentile
46 1/2 cm. head circumference - 75th percentile

Logan is still the more subdued of the two. He is talking more now, with his favorite 'word' being "ooowww" like he's hurting (but he's not). He still has perfect form to crawl and if finally moving forward. He likes to laugh at his brother and is easily entertained by Rollei. He likes Baby Einstein videos, but, as a rule, I only let them watch one video a day. (Guesses as to why?!?) His hair is getting long and unruly. He likes to play with his toys, but has recently been drawn to the stacking cups and things with strings. He studies his surroundings. His fine motor skills are becoming more developed and he is getting better at picking up and putting his cereal puffs in his mouth. He is a good eater, but has decided that he likes to blow raspberries -a lot - when we give him a bite. Fun for him; not so much for us. We haven't been working on this much, but he PULLED UP on his own first! When it's time to sleep, I will rock him for a few minutes to see that he will close his eyes and act sleepy, then I put him in his bed and he will generally go right to sleep on his own. At this moment, he has 2 teeth on the bottom and one that is about to cut on the top. Logan is laid back, happy, not a big cuddler, loves to give big kisses, and is oh so sweet!


21 lb., 13 3/4 oz. - 75th percentile
29 1/2 in. - 90th percentile
46 1/2 cm. head circumference - 75th percentile

The best way I know to describe Nathan is 'a spaz'! This is what we went through to get a picture of him. It's also the reason his alone picture was taken in my lap.
Nathan is our go-getter. He is always on the move, and quick, at that. He has a great army-type crawl. We have to really watch out or we will find him in Rollei's water bowl, trying to go out Rollei's door, or down the hall in our bedroom! He pretty much does everything with gusto. He also is very entertained by Rollei. Rollei moves whenever he sees either of the boys reach out to 'pet' him. Nathan has figured out that if he waves a burp rag in Rollei's face, he will try to take it from him and 'play'. This really tickles Nathan and he'll just laugh and laugh! Another game Nathan likes to play is throwing things on the ground to get us to pick it up over and over. I know this is developmental, but it funny to see the interest he gets out of it. Like his brother, he also blows raspberries when we give him bites, and he does the same 'go to sleep' routine as Logan. Nathan likes to practice walking. When he is held, he's a major clinger. He'll hold on and hug so tight! At the moment, he has 5 teeth; 2 on bottom, 3 on top, and he likes to bite my neck when I hold him. Nathan is a big smiler, full of energy and spunk, and a precious little guy.

And now for some more pictures...

Todd on Father's Day!
Father's day: Todd & Logan
Nathan practicing walking with Mommy.
Wednesday night dinner with Mom & Dad (We love Los Vega!) Update on Dad coming soon!
We got to meet our friends', Grean and Jay's new baby boy, Everett. Oh my goodness, is he not just precious?! And doesn't Geran look great? (I looked like, well, not at all great after the boys!) Congratulations!!

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