Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shoplifting, Snakes, and Other *not so* Important Matters

Nathan and Logan are constantly working on their sharing skills. They switch toys and pacifiers very often, and sometimes the transaction occurs without incident. The rest of the time, well, you can imagine the angry baby fussing that happens. What's happening here, is that I am raising thieves. In fact, one twin, despite his young age, innocent appearance, and perfect upbringing, is officially a shoplifter. Yes, little Logan stole a brown and tan striped dinosaur T-shirt from the Carter's outlet on Thursday. You can only imagine the horror and disappointment this Mama had when I discovered that Logan had hidden this shirt in the stroller, behind his back. When I unloaded the stroller and found the shirt, I hurried back into the store, apologized on his behalf, and paid for it. Logan was lucky that the nice lady, who had earlier commented on his cuteness (not knowing, of course, what he was up to), did not call the police. Whew! Logan, that was a close one.

I heard the Rollei Snake Bark the other day. Now, sometimes this bark is really just a Stink Bug Bark/Bird Bark/I'm a Beagle Bark. We keep a hoe by the back door, so I grabbed it on my way to find the stink bug. Since Rollei has been bitten by copperheads 3 times (and each one costs us a small fortune in Vet fees), we usually run to make sure it's not a snake. Well, I'm glad I checked, because, sure enough, we found a stinker that looked a lot like this curled up by the fence, and posed to strike!
(Photo from Google Images.)
Todd hurried out, took the hoe from me, and chopped his head off. That's what we do with snakes around here. We chop their heads off, and throw them over the fence to warn the others.

I mentioned in the 9 month post that Nathan likes to get into Rollei's water bowl. Here's some pictures and a short video to prove it... We finally put up gates. We have some more baby proofing to do. We especially need to block off the (*ahem*) fireplace.

We got to attend another special event at Aunt Paula and Uncle Mike's beautiful home on Friday. We had a great time celebrating your birthday, Uncle Mike! :-)

Party Animals!!!


Rene said...

Fun stuff!!!! Hard to believe they are getting so big. I am sad I won't be here to see them when you come to Abilene!!!

Natalie said...

We keep missing each other! Wherever you'll be, I hope you have fun. :-)