Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Am Not…

As cool as a cucumber.  I would like people to think that I am calm, but when I’m pressed, I really just freeze or sometimes make irrational decisions and refuse help. 

My not being cool was probably shown best this past Sunday.  Of course, it may seem like things went worse to me than they appeared to others.  Either way the hour-long crying in stereo was horrible.

And now, for the “foot in mouth” part of my blog:

Our church has a cry room for mothers only.  I completely understand and respect the reasoning behind it being just for women.  As a mother who nursed, I understand wanting a little privacy.  In fact, I didn’t want anyone around while I nursed!  But, as you can imagine, having 2 babies at once changes all the rules.  It changes parenting rules.  Dad has just as much of a role in caring for a baby as Mom does.  It’s not easy. 

I knew that there is a separate room for men that had a changing table.  I was unaware, though, that that room is actually another cry room with a window and a rocker, too!  And, thanks to our very ‘on-top-of-things’, and thoughtful Children’s Minister, Shannon, that room will also have audio soon!  Yay!  Todd can help me in a cry room when I need him!  We could even take turns.  Oh, I hope this makes going to church a little easier.


***And as a disclaimer…
*Our boys are good, happy babies.  They are very good in their schedule and routine.  They do not cry much.  Some days are harder than others, but most days are very good and I manage them just fine on my own… and I really enjoy doing it.  But, when we are out of our routine and away from the resources we have at home, it can all fall apart.  Hence: Sunday.

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Amber said...

You don't have to feel bad about not being calm and cool all of the time. My husband always seemed to have the crying baby this past weekend, but they both had their fair share of crying! Getting out of the normal routine at home is hard on them...and us! Just know others have been there, and if you have offers to help, take it. I've already left ours in the nursery at church, and Bethany's known as the crying baby. O-well!