Thursday, April 29, 2010

Does he really need it?: Part 2

Remember this?
Remember how I thought this huge printer was beyond Todd's photography needs?

Can you guess what I think about this?
Yes... Apparently a bigger printer is better for larger prints.
Maybe 44-inch wide prints will suffice for a while.

Logan held his bottle by himself today! Go Logan!
I forgot to mention in the 7-month post that the boys have started "kissing". Logan was the trendsetter for it. (I'm glad, because it seems like Nathan has done almost everything else before Logan. Logan did smile first, though.)

The boys love spending time outside. We are hanging out on the deck more often these days. It's lovely outside.
Which twin is this?
Say 'HI', Nathan!Graco Twin IPO
We are in the market to acquire a new double stroller. I have searched, read reviews, asked personal opinions, etc. Strollers are expensive, though, and I don't want to make a big mistake and waste money on something that won't hold up or will be uncomfortable for the boys. One of the things I'm not happy about with the stroller I have now is that there is no place for the boys to rest their heads. If they lean, their head flops out of the stroller. I have looked at the "City Mini" (but it's $$$), the Graco Twin Ipo (not as expensive, but doesn't look near as comfortable, and I have a Graco I'm not thrilled with {although it was great with the infant seats}), and the Combi Twin Sport (which I heard is pretty good). Do any of you have any suggestions or comments that can help lead to a decision? I know that there is not a "perfect" stroller, but it will be used a lot and I really want a great bang for the buck!!

Combi Twin
City Mini Double
So... Whatcha think?

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