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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Before church...
The boys got their Easter baskets filled with Cadbury eggs (for their Mom & Dad... ha!), sunglasses, books, and small, quiet church toys.
I'm sure church was great, but for me, it was a nightmare!!! (The quiet church toys didn't work.:-)) The boys 'lost it' before the sermon even started. Now, I didn't expect to actually stay in the service, since that has never happened with them, but I didn't expect things to go as badly as they did. It was their nap time. The nursery was not the place to put them to sleep (too loud). The cry room is only for women. I took both babies in the cry room with me and sent Todd back to the auditorium. That way, at least one of us could get something good out of being at church. Both boys cried (screamed) the whole time! Other mothers tried to offer wisdom/help, but I was at my absolute end. About 10 minutes before it was over, I just picked them both up and ran out to the car. I was nearly in tears myself! I hate that Todd can't go in the cry room to help me. Fathers should be able to train their children, too, and the hall isn't good enough anymore. End of rant.

After church...

Ride a little horsie (Nathan)


Rene said...

Love the pictures!!! Especially the one with the VW!!!! COOL!!

Julia said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of everyone in the van! You should print it off and frame it for everyone! It is just too cute!