Sunday, August 5, 2007


Sometimes things are sent people's way that they don't really deserve. And sometimes these things are good. This is what I would call a "blessing". A blessing happened to me and Todd. So, we went shopping. After many weeks, and much deliberation, we decided on buying an entertainment center that I found at Sam's. It was advertised at a reasonable price and we both liked it a lot. The next day, Mom and I went to purchase it. (Thanks Mom. I'm so glad you have a big vehicle that helps us transport big things.) The price was almost half of the posted price from just the day before!!! I used to work at Sam's years ago, and I don't remember them lowering prices very often. Well, we had already planned to spend a certain amount, so we were able to get the rug we had deliberated over, too. Here are some pictures of our new living room furniture and rug. I loaded the thing up with random treasures. Please don't judge me on my decorating skills. I don't claim to have any. And there are plans to upgrade the TV; just not now. You'll understand why when you read the last part of this post.The rug and Rollei, of course. And if you are wondering, yes, we saw Underdog. Fantastic movie, really cute, going to buy it when it comes out... :-)

And, by the way, Happy Birthday to Todd! I don't have any pictures of his birthday events, but he had a really great day.

On the other side of things, we are saying goodbye to our old water heater tomorrow. We have the unexpected necessity of buying and having a new one installed tomorrow. Apparently the things aren't made to last over 12 years.

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Nikki Smith-Wood said...

You are a blessing as a friend in my life. Hope you guys are well. Brian and I are well.