Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The first week of summer = girls’ trip to Vegas!!!  I had never been to Vegas before, and I loved it!!  I flew in and met Mom, my sister, and my eldest niece there.  They had all been there before, so they made it their mission to show me through all the major hotels and attractions in my short 3-day trip.  My favorite hotel was the Bellagio, closely followed by Caesar's Palace.  All of the hotels and attractions were beautiful.

Required photo op.DSCF4628After church Sunday, first stop: Hoover Dam.  This picture is taken from the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge.  The white line over the lake is where water used to be.  Water levels are about 40 feet low.  DSCF4612Walking the Bypass. DSCF4616View of the Bypass from the Hoover Dam.  TALL!!!  I loved walking that bridge, but it was so windy and I was sunburned by the time we got back to the car. DSCF4591In the hotels and casinos…DSCF4619Caesar’s Palace: lush, opulent, beautiful! DSCF4707These flavored oxygen bars were everywhere. So funny to me. (The Venetian)DSCF4708Living statue.  Amazing, but I always feel bad for the people that do this as a job.  Maybe it’s just me, but standing so still like that for 45-minute stretches seems horrible.DSCF4717Ahhhh… Nathan!  I missed my boys!  (Forgive the red eye… no time to fix it.) DSCF4766 MGM GrandDSCF4734Caesar’s Palace, again… I think.  Just beautiful!   DSCF4692 DSCF4693Fancy store… one of many.DSCF4697

I expected everything to be big and bright, and I wasn’t disappointed.  We saw the Cirque du Soleil “O” show at Bellagio.  Oh. My. Goodness!  AMAZING show! 

We stayed in a lovely timeshare resort and spent some time swimming and floating in the lazy river.  I’m very cold-natured and it was not hot the week we were there, so I was too cold to enjoy the pool.  I preferred just sunning or hanging in the spa. 

We had a fantastic couple of days.  I look forward to going back again!!! :-)  Thanks, Mom for including me on the trip – I’ll never forget the fun time we had or the dancing in the bathroom at The Cheesecake Factory. Ha!

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