Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Months

The boys turned 5 months old on Monday.
We have been to the pediatrician twice this week, already. Nathan was seen on Monday (after we only got 2 hours of sleep) and has an ear infection. Logan was seen today and has bad chest congestion. Both are on antibiotics. Nathan slept most of Monday night sitting somewhat upright in his swing so he could breathe. Logan has slept in the swing the last 2 nights. I have been sleeping on the couch.

Nathan weighs just over 17 pounds. Logan weighs just over 18 pounds.

They eat rice cereal with a fruit along with a bottle for breakfast and rice cereal with green beans and a bottle for dinner. They have other feedings of just a bottle a few times throughout the day, too. We're introducing a new food each week. They are just growing so fast and have become so much fun. They smile, giggle, and play so much. They're just happy babies!

Dad Update:
He had a spinal tap yesterday to determine if a different form of chemo should be added to his treatment plan. They might get the results today. The procedure went well. He continues to have good days and bad days, which is expected. Today was a good day. He went out with a friend for lunch. He was up and about with energy and a happy face when I saw him today! :-) Thanks to all of you for your prayers for him, Mom, and the family. We all cherish your prayers and your friendship.

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Amber said...

Your boys are getting so big! We have our 4 month appointment next week, so we'll see how big they are then.