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Friday, April 24, 2009

We Are Having...

2 BOYS!!

I never saw that coming! I just thought that we were having a boy and a girl. During previous ultrasounds and in conversations, I would automatically refer to A as a girl and B as a boy. When the tech told me that A was a boy first, I immediately said "Oh, we're having 2 boys!" before she had a chance to tell me that B was, in fact, a boy, too.

I have read that gender can be determined as early as 15 weeks, and knowing that I have these appointments every 2 weeks, I also knew that there was a good chance that I would find out the gender of the babies when Todd is not with me. (He tries to come to as many as he can, but just can't make them all). Anyway, I was alone when I found out. Not what I would have preferred, but it was okay. I refused to tell Todd what they were over the phone. I just wanted to see his reaction. Since it was church night and I was in town, I ate supper with my parents and told them first (with permission from Todd). I wanted to see their reactions, too. And, I'm not good at keeping secrets about myself-- especially exciting/good news.

After church, when I finally got home and saw Todd, I had him open a bag of items that I picked up from Target. I just bought a little 2-pack of blue & green sleepers. He pulled them out and said, "This doesn't tell me anything!" Me: "Hello! They're both BLUE!" Todd just laughed, hugged me, said, "I'm so sorry (jokingly)!", then told me that I am my brother-in-law in reverse (who has 2 girls and a girl dog)!

I have to admit, I think I really had expected there to be a girl. I was a little shocked and a tad, dare I say, disappointed to find out that there would not be a girl. I am totally grateful for 2 boys. God knows what he is doing and I completely trust that. I have had time to let it sink in that it is 2 boys and I'm really very happy about it.

So, that's the story of finding out what the babies are. Sorry it's so long. Since I don't "journal", this is the closest I'm going to get to remembering the details of this part of our life.


Julia said...

Congrats! Don't feel sad about wishing one was a girl, it is completely normal.

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying the story that is unfolding...thanks for keeping us posted! You look great! Marsha (Tamara's mom)

Amber said...

So exciting...congratulations! If you're interested, check out my friend Becca's blog. She's got twin boys too! Now it's time to start thinking about the nursery.

Mandy said...

how fun! boys are definitely fun :)

bcstark said...

Boys are so fun! I was actually really excited when we found out we were having another boy because I kinda feel like it just fits us. Anyway, congrats (a little late!).