Friday, February 1, 2008

I Don't Cook

For a person who claims, "I don't cook," on a regular basis, this Pasta Primavera turned out really very yummy! I got the recipe and borrowed the picture from Todd grilled some chicken that I added to the mix. Ready for the big shocker? This happened after a long day at work on a Thursday. I even had to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart before I came home to cook!

So, by the time I finally got home, cooked this scrumptious meal (with the kind assistance of my sweet husband), ate it, and cleaned up the kitchen (again, with assistance), it was 8:00. Hence, the reason I don't cook!
It was nice to have leftovers instead of a tray lunch today! :-)


Jana Kay said...

I love trying new receipes! This one looks good too. Isn't it great to have someone help in the kitchen!

Christi said...

Natalie!!! I found your blog through Mandy's. I have wondered from time to time how you and Todd are doing and will be glad to keep up with you through your blog.

I have one for our son at if you want to check it out. :)

Your meal looks delicious, by the way! It made me hungry (at 11:00pm, lol).

Anonymous said...

that looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I don't feel cute, but I do feel good. :) I feel pretty huge lately, which is a good thing since that means he's growing. Emma started doing the sour face with lemons. Now she thinks it is such a funny thing to do.

Steven said...

Did you actually put the green peas in the pasta salad? I though you hated them! :P