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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's About Time

Dad had a long wait for his Christmas present from us this year. Todd had the "perfect gift" in mind, but found an upgraded version after we bought the original... We ordered the upgraded version, and after much teasing about not having a present, Dad finally got it.It's a brake-bleeder. So now, instead of waiting for us to drop by to have Todd help bleed the brakes on one of his bugs, he can do it himself! It really is a wonder that he didn't already have one of these.
More "About Time"...
All Todd wanted for Christmas from me was a watch. He even got to pick out the exact watch he wanted. But, I noticed that everywhere we went shopping for other presents, he was looking at huge wall clocks. He wanted one that was "classic with numbers." So, while I was out grocery shopping one evening, I saw one. Surprise! Todd is so good at getting me little treats when I least expect them. It was nice to get him something he didn't expect.
And this is Rollei on our trip to Sulphur Springs...
I would imagine he's thinking "Isn't it About Time to be there?"

Have a great week!

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