Sunday, April 7, 2013

I think I will blog tonight.

Yeah, so it’s been nearly a year since my last blog.  And, while I’m sure there may be 2 random people that may be interested in this, I am like most Mommy Bloggeres who just want to document our kids’ childhoods for ourselves. 

Today’s big deal:

I think it’s safe to say that Logan is officially potty trained!  I know, he’s 3 1/2 and it’s about time, right?!  It’s so stinking cute when he takes himself to teetee, then to watch him shimmy-shake trying to pull up his underwear and pants afterwards always makes me chuckle!  IMG_20130212_120953_256

~The word “poop” will now be used more than once.  You have been warned.

Nathan trained super easily right when he turned 2.  During the process of training Nathan, I gave Logan a chance to sit on the potty and earn a M&M like his brother.  He sat and pooped, then jumped up, like he was startled, looked in the froggy potty, and started screaming.  He didn’t know what he had done!  The poop scared him!  He’s been dead-set against pooping in a potty ever since. 

Anyway, the poop part of training has been the hardest obstacle.  Let’s just say, despite the amount of time and effort spend sitting on the potty waiting, he would only use a diaper.  But, now that he’s done a classic Logan move, and very suddenly decided that he’s going to poop in the potty now, he’s using it against sleep!  Nap time: poop.  Night time: poop.  Other times: no poop.  He’s trained his intestines in a week! 

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