Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I give up

No, I’m not giving up on updating the blog.

I’m giving up Coke.

Not for Lent.

I know Coke is not good for me, but that fact, in general, never gave me enough motivation to give it up. 
I’m a 2-a-day Coke drinker.  We’re always stocked.  This stems back to my childhood.  Dad always had Coke stocked in his shop outside.  We were always allowed to take one from his stash, as long as we didn’t take the last one.

It’s like Coke is a part of me.  It’s always my automatic answer to the question, “What will you have to drink with that?”


When I found out that it has fire retardant chemicals in it, I just couldn’t bear the thought of drinking it.  I know it has all kinds of bad stuff in it, and can supposedly be cancer-causing.  For me, it’s just knowing that I’m drinking fire retardant that turned me off.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still want to drink Coke.  Maybe I will again someday sooner than later.  But for now, more water is a good thing, and Coke is a NO.

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Emily said...

Bravo for you! If it gives you any encouragement, I've been off the stuff for over a year and haven't missed it one bit. I went through the same thing, watching Carlos clean his truck battery. I always knew it could do that, but something about actually seeing it eat battery acid made me say, "hmm, this can't be a good thing to put in me!"