Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recent Happenings

6 Christmases:

1. Home with just me & Todd
2. With Todd's sister's family at her home, and his mom & step-dad
3. Continuation with Todd's sister at his grandma's house
4. My grandma & grandpa B.'s house with my mom's side of the family
5. My mom & dad's house with immediate family
6. My aunt's house with my dad's side of the family

All of the Christmas celebrations were great fun! One event that stood out, in particular, was our "family yoga" moment. Ha!

65 Years:

My grandma & grandpa recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. We (the family) held a reception for them to help them celebrate this huge milestone with their friends. They had about 100 people come, which was great. I think we all had a great time. Congratulations, Grandma & Grandpa. I know I've said/written it before, but you really are an inspiration and great example for how to live a Christian life. I am so happy for you.

New Year's Eve

My aunt spent the night at our house while we just hung out and fretted about the fireworks that were being popped in very close proximity to the new cars (mine and my aunt's) and our house. We had a good time just playing games and eating popcorn. Low-key, the way I like it.


Paint. We finished the entry, hall, and 3/4 of the living room. It looks really good. We will be finishing the living room, painting some trim, and the kitchen tomorrow. I have a new favorite painting tool that really works and cuts the time down. It's the Shur-Line paint edger. Amazing! Painting was stress-free today, which is huge for us! Get one if you're going to paint!
This picture is of an older model than what we purchased today.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you the best in the new year.

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