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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Lots of Rehearsal & Wedding Pictures at Random

Steven & Grandma D.

Jim's Mom & Dad
Grandma D. & Jim's Dad
Jim watching Annie walk to him.

Jim & Annie
Beautiful gown!
Mom & Steven
Some of my family...
Good advice from his dad, I'm sure.
Jim's mom watching...

I felt like I was pretty annoying with my camera all weekend. And even so, I still didn't get but the one of Jim & Annie together!

This wedding was just lovely. Everything was so beautiful and meaningful to the new couple.
Everyone had a great time!!



Paula said...

Natalie, these are the first pictures from the wedding that I've seen. This is significant, since the whole this is a blur and soon I may not remember any of it! Thanks so much for posting these. Love, Paula

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend -- rehearsal, dinner, family... and a beautiful wedding. Thanks for the pictures, Nat.