Monday, March 17, 2008

Several Things In No Particular Order

CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin who got engaged on Friday. By the way, cuz, in the rare case that you may have not known, Friday was officially "Pi" day: 3.14! Isn't his fiance' lucky? He's such a kind, and good person. His inside matches his outside. Same is true with the bride! And, doesn't Grandma look so pretty, too?! Hopefully I'll get a picture of the couple together to share soon.
You kind readers may remember about a year ago when I so proudly posted pictures of our new entertainment center. I mentioned that the hole for the TV was a little too big for our current TV. Remember?....

We moved up in the world a little today...
This TV is a much better fit for the hole. We're really excited about it.
(We put in "Blades of Glory". Very funny movie, by the way.)

Here I am with Rollei, enjoying the big picture!

I just think this is funny. Rollei hangs out of his bed about half the time.

This is our Spring Break week. We're glad to have a much-needed break to relax. My sister's family is visiting, so I'm glad to have some time to hang out with them. Todd has several photo settings this week, also.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Jim said...

Thanks, Cuz! I actually hadn't noticed it was "Pi Day"...I was thinking it was a month after Valentine's Day. Love you.

Tim Drachenberg said...

Hey Natalie! I'm so thankful for another opportunity to comment on the "comings & goings" in the lives of you & Todd. That BIG HOLE was really bothering me! Ha! Now you'll have me and mom wanting to come visit you more thinking that a few major sports events (Wimbledon tennis for example) would be an appropriate time to come over and plop down with Rollei to absorb all the action from the grass courts on already getting excited just thinking about it!
Is Spring Break a wonderful time, or what? Those 9 days can provide such an emotional lift in your happy for you & Todd that you can have those days to use as you choose.
Keep those "envelopes" full!

bcstark said...

Wow, I'm not going to let Brian see your post because he'd be quite jealous of your TV. :) Pass congrats on to Jim for me!